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What is the difference between an inflatable pool and a regular pool?

1. First, the inflatable pool has great convenience. In general, to go swimming in other swimming pools, you must go to the swimming pool, such as the beach, or the park, or a specific swimming place. This inflatable swimming pool is different. They are foldable and can be carried anywhere, anytime. At home, in the suburbs, they can be used for swimming without going to the swimming pool.2. Second, the price of this inflatable swimming pool is very low. Most swimming pools will cost a lot of manpower and resources, even some financial resources, especially in some swimming places, and they will invest more money. This inflatable swimming pool is completely different. It is just a simple inflatable swimming pool that can be carried around and can be used in any occasion. It doesn't cost too much,

How to repair damaged inflatable products?

Needle repair:If your inflatable bed is accidentally pricked by a needle or wooden prick, it is the easiest to repair:1. Cover the air nozzle after the bed is deflated to reduce gas flow in the product;2. Take out the glue in the repair package and put a drop of glue on the eye of the needle;3. If the eye of the needle is large, take a toothpick, dip the tip of the toothpick with some glue, and apply it into the damaged eye of the needle, and then apply the hole of the needle with glue;4. After the repair, wait for four hours before inflating. Repair cuts or burns:If your inflatable product is accidentally cut by a knife or burns a big hole, please do not panic, according to the following order, can be repaired:1. Cover the air nozzle after deflating the inflatable products to reduce gas flow in the bed;2. Find out the patch material in the repair package, cut off a piece, and cover the broken seam sufficiently;3. Apply glue to the damaged area, press the patch, and glue the edge seam of the patch well;4. Apply pressure to ensure that there are no gaps on the rubber surface, and press it firmly with smooth and heavy objects;5. Wait 8 hours to inflate and repair. Suede repair:1.Carefully clean and repair the area;2.After drying, take out the patch, cut it and cover it on the destruction surface, allowing more around;3.Apply a layer of glue on the patch and damaged surface, and glue the edge seam of the patch to ensure complete sealing;4.Hold it down with smooth, heavy objects;5.With weight pressure, pressure to 24 hours after inflation, repair is completed. Other matters:1.Remember not to inflate too full (especially in the summer), do not carry out too violent exercise on the product, otherwise the product will overload and fracture, causing damage and can not be repaired, can only be scrapped;2.Repair glue is a chemical, do not contact eyes or swallow.

Use and maintenance of INTEX and BESTWAY inflatable beds?

1. The air bed can be inflated immediately after it is purchased, but it can only be used 8 hours after the first filling (preferably 12 hours), because there needs to be a buffer process at the pulling belt and seam joints of the air bed; Use 2 days before new bed, try not to have enough air.2.After a charge of gas, gas bed will be some lax, this is a normal phenomenon, the material of gas bed some elastic, filled with gas after some big soft, just feel lax, as long as inflation to achieve the desired effect, but do not blow too full.3.One person can use enough gas, two people use to let off some gas; Seasonal transition temperature rise, gas expansion in the bed, pay attention to air release.4.When the temperature drops, the bed will become soft, pay attention to gas; Any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to the timing of air.5.At any time cannot inflate enough (especially in summer), otherwise the pull belt inside the bed will overload and fracture, cause bed face drum, this kind of situation will not be repaired.6. Ensure that the floor or bed frame of the bed is free of sharp objects such as nails or thorns.7. If used in water, make sure the suede side up. Children should use it under adult supervision.

Is it normal to feel a little soft the next day after inflatable beds is full of air?

It is normal.The air pump in the process of rotation will be hot, so the air is hot, after the cold contraction of the gas volume will be smaller. In addition, the inflatable bed is PVC material, with strong flexibility and elasticity, after a period of time, there will be some expansion volume larger. The gas shrinks, and the bed gets bigger -- you'll feel a little softer, and a little more air will do the job. If there is a lot of air leakage, please check whether the lid is properly closed. Cover is divided into three layers:The first layer, the largest cover, has white inward arrows on both sides. This cover is used for air release. When you hear two clicks on the left and right sides, it means that the lock is tight;The second layer, there are two signs of lock, one is to unlock, and one is to lock. According to the arrow direction, screw to the lock position;The third layer, the top layer, is used for aeration. It is pulled out through a short strip and pressed in with the thumb, making sure it reaches the end.

Intex and Bestway inflatable beds,how do you know if it's full?

Electric air pump can be filled in 50-150 seconds (mattress, bed generally takes about 2 minutes). Non-built-in electric pump products need to buy another foot pump or another purchase of electric inflator pump.Folded clothes will have a fold trace, inflatable bed is the same, there will be a fold trace, when you pump, fold trace will slowly disappear, when the fold trace completely disappeared, said the bed has been full of air, this process is generally 1 to 2 minutes. Inflatable bed will not play explosion, because full, inflatable bed inside the air pressure than pump is also large, gas can not play in, so will not hit the bed explosion. Theoretically, the fuller you hit the gas, the greater the impact on your life. I suggest you: lie down and feel comfortable. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable playing, you play more.

Intex and Bestway inflatable bed looks bumpy. Would it be comfortable?Can be cleaned?

The column inflatable bed, which looks like a honeycomb, consists of a circular pit and a circular pit. But sleep to rise to won't feel concave and convex absolutely, because protruding part is soft, and the place that concave goes is hard, when sleeping, root feels less than concave and convex. Instead, it increases the flow of gas across the bed, making the inflatable bed very breathable.It can be cleaned. No suede bottom and side, as long as the wet soapy water cloth can be easily wiped clean; If the suede is dirty, then use soap and water to thoroughly clean, and let it naturally dry, do not use a blower blowing suede, can not use a washing machine to clean the air bed, can not use water and other chemicals, washing powder or any other grinding powder.

What is the quality of intex and bestway inflatable beds?Does it leak?

Intex and Bestway are the best products of their kind. The series of PVC plastic leisure products occupy 55% of the global market of similar products, with 75% of the market in North America. Its superior quality has been recognized, all products have been strictly tested before leaving the factory. PVC is flexible and elastic, making it the best inflatable material - able to withstand several tons of cars without damage.All inflatable products are sturdy and durable, and you don't need to worry about being as stingy as glass.

Is there after-sales service?

No, there is no after-sales service for all inflatable products.