How to repair damaged inflatable products?

How to repair damaged inflatable products?

Needle repair:

If your inflatable bed is accidentally pricked by a needle or wooden prick, it is the easiest to repair:

1. Cover the air nozzle after the bed is deflated to reduce gas flow in the product;

2. Take out the glue in the repair package and put a drop of glue on the eye of the needle;

3. If the eye of the needle is large, take a toothpick, dip the tip of the toothpick with some glue, and apply it into the damaged eye of the needle, and then apply the hole of the needle with glue;

4. After the repair, wait for four hours before inflating.


Repair cuts or burns:

If your inflatable product is accidentally cut by a knife or burns a big hole, please do not panic, according to the following order, can be repaired:

1. Cover the air nozzle after deflating the inflatable products to reduce gas flow in the bed;

2. Find out the patch material in the repair package, cut off a piece, and cover the broken seam sufficiently;

3. Apply glue to the damaged area, press the patch, and glue the edge seam of the patch well;

4. Apply pressure to ensure that there are no gaps on the rubber surface, and press it firmly with smooth and heavy objects;

5. Wait 8 hours to inflate and repair.


Suede repair:

1.Carefully clean and repair the area;

2.After drying, take out the patch, cut it and cover it on the destruction surface, allowing more around;

3.Apply a layer of glue on the patch and damaged surface, and glue the edge seam of the patch to ensure complete sealing;

4.Hold it down with smooth, heavy objects;

5.With weight pressure, pressure to 24 hours after inflation, repair is completed.


Other matters:

1.Remember not to inflate too full (especially in the summer), do not carry out too violent exercise on the product, otherwise the product will overload and fracture, causing damage and can not be repaired, can only be scrapped;

2.Repair glue is a chemical, do not contact eyes or swallow.