Intex and Bestway inflatable bed looks bumpy. Would it be comfortable?Can be cleaned?

The column inflatable bed, which looks like a honeycomb, consists of a circular pit and a circular pit. But sleep to rise to won't feel concave and convex absolutely, because protruding part is soft, and the place that concave goes is hard, when sleeping, root feels less than concave and convex. Instead, it increases the flow of gas across the bed, making the inflatable bed very breathable.

It can be cleaned. No suede bottom and side, as long as the wet soapy water cloth can be easily wiped clean; If the suede is dirty, then use soap and water to thoroughly clean, and let it naturally dry, do not use a blower blowing suede, can not use a washing machine to clean the air bed, can not use water and other chemicals, washing powder or any other grinding powder.

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